Veterans Aid


Message from The Dowager Viscountess Rothermere

“Veterans Aid, for me, is the very essence of compassion. In a world where we are bombarded by images of division, contention and societal desperation, the Charity stands out as a beacon of hope for those ex-servicemen and women in the UK who have fallen through the net.

Everyone involved in the frontline work of Veterans Aid is focussed, with a passionate commitment to save lives that is so powerful that you can almost feel it breathe. And that is why I am so honoured to be involved. I know, from the bottom of my heart, that every day this small, tenacious charity is making a genuine difference to the lives of those who have served the nation and found themselves abandoned and hurt.

Every year, at Veterans Aid, there are moments that make me smile and glow with pride. There are so many, but this year I will focus on just one. I cannot begin to explain how electric the atmosphere was when the Mayor of London, Mr Sadiq Khan, came to “open” New Belvedere House.

I spoke at length with him and I know he was truly impressed; not only by New Belvedere House but by the overall work of Veterans Aid. It was amazing to hear the residents, past and present, explaining to him why the Charity’s work was so vital and effective in a way that is simply unmatched.

The air of hope and dignity was palpable and no visitor would have guessed that nearly everyone present had been through so many struggles.

The occasion was testament to a model that truly works, and the achievement of an organisation that will not allow veterans to suffer the anguish of homelessness. Indifference to suffering has no place at Veterans Aid.

I am proud to be the Patron of this unique, complex and extraordinary charity.

The Dowager Viscountess Rothermere

*The Dowager Viscountess Rothermere became Patron of Veterans Aid on the 18th April 2013.