Veterans Aid

Supporters Information

Veterans Aid is frequently approached by individuals and organisations offering partnership and/or support proposals. While each case is considered individually and in context, certain underlying principles apply:

  1. No third party is to publish material about Veterans Aid that has not been approved by the charity.
  2. No third party is to use the Veterans Aid registered trademark/logo in connection with fundraising events without the charity’s permission.
  3. No third party is to speak on behalf of the charity.
  4. VA will not divert charity funds or resources to support any third party media/publicity activity (*See 3).
  5. VA does not (and will not) endorse any third party products or services.
  6. Veterans Aid will always try to acknowledge funds/services actually received, but will not participate with start-ups or venture projects that depend upon or involve the charity’s endorsement.
  7. Veterans Aid reserves the right not to participate in ventures where it is not the sole beneficiary if it is not comfortable with the activities of other parties.
  8. Veterans Aid has no political alignment and will not accept funds from anyone who links fund-raising activities in support of the charity to contentious political issues.

Veterans Aid is committed to acknowledging all monies raised by friends and supporters in an appropriate manner. In some cases this will be via mention in the charity’s Impact Report; in others, via publicity on its website and/or social media platforms.

However, publicity is not the charity’s core business and it cannot guarantee equal exposure to all donors.

From time to time Veterans Aid commits resources to significant media/PR campaigns and activities. The decision to do so is made by the CEO & Head of Media and Communication at their discretion and is final.