Veterans Aid announces partnership with Amazon

July 29, 2019

Veterans Aid has something big to smile about, thanks to the launch of a unique partnership with online retail giant, Amazon.

It is a relationship that focuses on awareness initiatives, recruitment, fundraising, food redistribution and donations and it is launched today (Tuesday, 30th July, 2019). Amazon customers can support the work of Veterans Aid immediately through the Amazon Smile programme and learn more about the partnership as it develops.

CEO of Veterans Aid Dr Hugh Milroy said,

“This relationship is truly special and words can’t  begin to do to justice to  the impact it will have on our ability to  reach and help veterans in crisis. We operate at the frontline, dealing daily with former servicemen and women who have all but lost hope. Many are homeless or facing the imminent prospect of homelessness – not because of military service, but because of unemployment, debt, relationship breakdown, health and addiction problems.”

“Our role at Veterans Aid is to address those problems and help these men and women, who once proudly served in the UK’s Armed Forces, with the tools to survive and thrive. To do that we need to identify partners who share our belief in their potential and are willing to help us unlock it.

Head of Partnerships in Amazon’s European Veteran network Charlie Forrest said,

“I met Hugh through fundraising efforts for Veterans Aid in the British Army.  I remember being impressed by his dedication towards changing the lives of veterans.  When I joined Amazon I sought out the veterans employee network and looked at ways we could support the work of Veterans Aid. “

“Today I am proud to be starting that partnership as we use Amazon’s scale to raise awareness of Veterans Aid.  This will support fundraising efforts, but our primary aim is distributing the contact information for Veterans Aid in the hope it can be used to help ex-servicemen and women in crisis. We look forward to expanding this Partnership with Veterans Aid in the months and years ahead.”

Dr Milroy added,

“We were one of the first to sign up to the Amazon Smile programme, but I never imagined that we would be sought out with a view to becoming a partner in this way. I’m truly inspired by the organisation’s support for veterans and look forward to working closely with Amazon to support its aims.”

More information about Amazon’s commitment to employing and supporting veterans can be found HERE.

Pictured: From left: Andy Gowland, Head of Amazon Europe’s Veterans Group and CEO of Veterans Aid Dr Hugh Milroy outside New Belvedere House.