Serviceman takes on half marathon for Veterans Aid

November 26, 2019

On Saturday the 30th of November Lee Fomes will be running a half marathon to fundraise for Veterans Aid.

Lee is in his 26th year of service with the Corps of Army Music. He served in Iraq in 2003, in a non-musical role, and since then has performed in venues all over the world including Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, South Korea, Cyprus, Uzbekistan, Germany, France, Gibraltar and The Ascension Islands.

Lee was diagnosed with depression in 2004 and has been battling with it since then. The Army have remained supportive of him throughout. Today, he finds running a surprisingly effective respite. 

‘It’s the rhythmic simplicity of the pace, the fresh air, and the only place I can truly switch off and process my day. But generally, the physically fitter you are, the greater your chances of recovering from a mental illness. Both my psychiatrist and my psychiatric nurse stressed the importance of fitness in recovery.’

Needing a challenge, he simply ‘searched online and booked it’. The half marathon is 13.4 miles race through Lee Valley VeloPark. Lee already regularly goes for 10k runs.

‘I set myself the challenge of this half marathon to see how it would go. My plan is to run an actual marathon at some point in my life.’

Veterans Aid is a charity Lee admires for the work they do to ‘help ex-service people get back on their feet after hard times’. 

As Lee put it:

‘Veterans put their lives on the line for the people of this country… Helping them get back on their feet when their service comes to an end is the very least, we, as a nation, can do. Veterans Aid does exactly that and helping towards this cause is a no-brainer. I urge everyone to get on board with this and help those who helped us.’

CEO of Veterans Aid, Dr Hugh Milroy said:

‘It’s brilliant to hear about this serviceman taking on a challenge to fundraise and support others in their time of crisis. All of us here at VA are wishing him the best of luck for Saturday.

Lee Fomes

There is still time to make a donation via Lee’s JustGiving page.