Relaxation treatment ends stress

May 11, 2012
a patient receives treatment from a Ki London Master

a patient receives treatment from a Ki London Master

Ground-breaking initiatives introduced for clients include a traditional Korean relaxation treatment already used by the police and fire services for their staff. Ki London’s specially trained masters visit the hostel to relieve clients of stress and physical pains.

Using a system based on a martial art and Taoist principles, Master O and Master Kim have worked in the west for many years and now offer treatments worldwide. They have a large team in London and other UK cities. Master Dal says: “It is all about changing people’s attitudes to become more positive mentally, to control their lives and create a broad focus.”

During each visit the masters treat up to 18 clients and staff free of charge. Sound generated from the abdominal area and acupressure stimulate energy points and transmit energy, breaking down toxins and relieving pain and mental stress. Each person has specific areas of the body targeted and the energy circulation supports their own natural healing abilities.

One client commented afterwards: “A good session made me feel lighter with loss of headache, neck and shoulder pain.” Another said: “I feel lighter and have virtually no pain in my body which is a new experience for me. I enjoyed my first experience and would recommend it to anyone.”