RAF Benevolent Fund grant supports veterans in crisis towards sustainable living

September 3, 2020

The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund has awarded £15,000 to help fund Veterans Aid’s vital interventions.

This will go towards preventing difficult circumstances from turning into a crisis and supporting individuals towards leading successful and independent lives. Veterans Aid’s work concentrates on immediate action, so situations do not worsen, and individuals are prevented from sleeping rough. 

Homelessness Prevention

One RAF veteran, aged 60, contacted Veterans Aid after a year of sofa surfing. He had left the RAF after 15 years of service and had found work at a security firm. However, when the company went bust, he was forced to go on benefits. When he later lost the room he was renting, he was pushed to sofa surf. This was an extremely vulnerable position for an elderly gentleman to be in. To make matters worse, the friend he was staying with had their own mental health and addiction issues. This veteran’s only chance of shelter was from an individual who put him at risk. 

Faced with threats, he got in touch with Veterans Aid’s Ops Team. He was immediately placed in emergency accommodation while longer-term housing was arranged. Recently, he has just moved into his own flat. Now his future is safe and secure. He could not be happier.  

The RAF Benevolent Fund

Since their foundation in 1919, the RAF Benevolent Fund have been supporting the whole RAF family, through thick and thin. 

Pete Ashcroft, Welfare Projects Manager at the RAF Benevolent Fund, said:

‘Veterans Aid provides a real lifeline to those who find themselves facing tough choices. The Fund is delighted to ensure RAF veterans have access to this support with our grant.’

Dr Hugh Milroy, CEO at Veterans Aid, said:

‘The RAF Benevolent Fund have helped ensure that our vital services are available to RAF veterans when they need it most. Everyone goes through times of difficulty. In taking preventative action, we stop crisis situations taking place and through a diverse range of support, we help those individuals back towards sustainable, independent living.