College partnership puts veterans on path to further education

November 21, 2017
Two organisations dedicated to opening doors for people trying to start a new life have reaffirmed their partnership.
 Veterans Aid and Ruskin College are committed to providing opportunities for men and women who need a second chance. Both are registered charities with a proven track record in making dreams come true.

Dr Hugh Milroy, CEO of Veterans Aid, said: “The relationship is important because we are both dedicated to giving adults an alternative way of accessing higher education. Many of our clients either missed the opportunity to follow traditional routes or simply weren’t at a stage in life where they were ready for it. We sent our first student to Ruskin in 2011; it restored his confidence and set him on the career path that he enjoys today.”

Paul Di Felice, Principal of Ruskin College, said, “Ruskin College remains true to its mission of providing educational opportunities for adults who face significant barriers to accessing education. The progression routes that we provide for Veterans Aid have an immeasurable impact upon the students’ educational development, well-being and that of their friends and families.

The VA/Ruskin partnership is underpinned by a shared understanding that education is an important survival tool.
Dr Hugh Milroy added “People come to VA in crisis and we address their immediate needs. But recovery is only the beginning; they need the means to sustain themselves and often education is the key.”

In 2016 Veterans Aid bought 72 training courses for ex-servicemen and women and put 62 veterans into work or on placements.

Paul Di Felice commented, “Our relationship with VA is a real partnership based upon a shared vision of doing all we can to nurture the potential and growth of our students. We do this through a highly supportive tutorial process that guides and enables individuals to make a lasting change to their lives and develop new skills that will allow for lifelong learning.”

VETERANS AID: Veterans Aid, founded in 1932, provides immediate, practical support for veterans in crisis regardless of age, ethnicity, rank, gender, orientation or length of service. For more information about the charity and its work please contact Glyn Strong on 07806 920087. 

RUSKIN COLLEGE: It was founded in Oxford in 1899, providing vocational degrees, apprenticeships, and access programmes with a social purpose that transforms the lives of individuals. For more information please contact Ajla Duckollari on or see