VA hosts first employment forum

September 19, 2016
Frontline charity Veterans Aid hosted its first briefing for employers at the Army and Navy Club where an audience representing 15 organisations learned about how they could contribute to its uniquely successful Welfare to Wellbeing© programme.

CEO of Veterans Aid Dr Hugh Milroy said, “We are committed to providing sustainable solutions to the problems of veterans in crisis and that means ensuring that they have an income. Last year we put 79 ex-servicemen on training courses or into education and 64 into work or on job placements. The success of this programme is very much about co-operation with other agencies that understand the needs of our clients and our methodology. We’ve done well and have some great partners who actually deliver but we need more – hence this forum of specifically targeted agencies that we believe can help us. It’s got to be about our veterans, not their brand, but our sustainability success rate of 92% is helping attract support.


“We can only achieve this with the involvement of employers who share our vision of giving individuals who have served in HM Armed Forces an enduring ‘hand-up’ rather than a short-term handout.”

Veterans Aid already has partnerships with a variety of well-known high street names that mentor, train and employ men and women who have come to the charity in crisis, but it is constantly seeking to create more.

“There is no ‘one size fits all’ occupation for veterans who are as diverse as the society of which they form part” added Dr Milroy. “Our dedicated staff invest time and care in getting to know individuals, assessing their needs and capabilities and matching them with suitable employers. When a good fit is identified it benefits both veteran and employer.”

VA Development Officer Delia Holdom said, “It is extremely rewarding to broker employment opportunities for veterans whose life problems have eroded their confidence. I’m grateful to all who attended our forum to learn more and especially to the Army and Navy Club for providing such a splendid venue. We simply don’t have appropriate facilities to support this kind of forum and the club’s outstanding support is vital to our progress.”

For more information about how to become a Veterans Aid employment partner/mentor please contact or call Delia Holdom on 07968 258990.