Making a lasting difference

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Businesses and groups can support Veterans Aid by organising their own fundraising events and activities.

To make sure you follow our fundraising guidelines see Supporters Information.

For example, you could:

  • Organise a corporate event such as a golf day, outdoor challenge or a sponsored walk to work
  • Match employee fundraising to double the amount raised
  • Encourage payroll giving to enable tax efficient giving from employees

See JustGiving Corporate Fundraising for more details about how your you can raise money.

There are other ways your business can get involved including:

  • Sponsoring an event (e.g. a Veterans Aid Christmas Carol Concert)
  • Providing work placements,  mentoring, training or job opportunities  for veterans
  • Corporate volunteering (See example: Bloomberg supports hostel transformation) *NB This is distinct from individual volunteering – See Supporters Information.

Veterans Aid is committed to encouraging and advising fundraisers but as a lean, operational charity it is not always able to send representatives to social events and activities. For further information, or to explore what is possible, please see Media.