Making a lasting difference

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Veterans Aid supporters raise money through a wide and wonderful range of activities – from sponsored desert crossings to bake sales. Get in touch with us if you want to discuss your ideas*.

*Please make sure you follow our fundraising guidelines – see the Supporters Information.

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Supporters showcase

To learn more about some of VA’s supporters and their initiatives, see the reports below or in our News section:

The Long Haul
Two renowned explorers walked and skied hundreds of kilometres across frozen Lake Baikal in Eastern Russia – to break records and support Veteran Aid.

The Tweed Challenge
The Tweed Challenge was a bid by two inexperienced kayakers to navigate 97 miles of the famous Scottish river to raise funds for Veterans Aid.

Cavalry Mount Fundraising Drive for Veterans Aid
Inspired by the support given to a colleague by Veterans Aid, members of the 2018 HCAV Rally were doing a 700 km round trip to raise funds for the charity.

Kim’s Great Trek in China for Veterans Aid
Metropolitan Police Sergeant Kim Newcombe exchanged the streets of London for the Great Wall of China to support Veterans Aid.

Law Firm Staff Raising Funds for Veterans Aid in Tour de Hewitsons
Staff at law firm Hewitsons raised funds for veterans by cycling more than 150 miles.