Filming requests

Many organisations and individuals approach Veterans Aid with requests to film/take photographs inside our premises (New Belvedere House/Head Office). Many also seek to feature our clients in some way. Because we deal with vulnerable individuals, whose privacy we have a duty to protect, it is our default policy is to decline.


  • The volume of requests is unmanageable and a significant distraction from the charity’s core business
  • Most ‘projects’ are based on stereotypes and assumptions of disadvantage that VA actively refutes. See: Veterans Aid Media Brief.

However, if you have a serious proposal that you would still like to discuss with us please complete the form below and click on submit.

NB It is a condition of participation that pre-agreed elements of any material recorded for commercial gain are made available to Veterans Aid for publicity purposes. Any charges made for filming are used to further fund VA’s work to help Veterans in crisis.

Freephone: 0800 012 6867 or: 0207 8282468


Write to us:

Veterans Aid,
27 Victoria Square,
London, SW1W 0RB

Filming request form

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