July 4, 2019
The stories that best illustrate these endorsements are those told by Veterans Aid’s services users – the men and women whose lives have been transformed by the charity’s intervention.

After leaving the Army his marriage broke down; he became depressed and isolated, eventually turning to crack cocaine for comfort. He ended up homeless and destitute. “Veterans Aid is saving people’s lives. The fact that I’m alive today proves this.”

He served for 13 years in the Household Cavalry; 13 years after that, life problems brought him to Veterans Aid. “Thank you again for everything you and Veterans Aid have done for me. Truly saved me from a spiral downwards even further. I now have a job and place to live and life can only get better… I am settled in and all is paid sorted and signed off, thank you again so much. You guys are unsung heroes.”

He was medically discharged from the Royal Navy after five years of serving. When he arrived at Veterans Aid he had £10 in his pocket and nowhere to live. “Within half an hour I was sorted. I wasn’t looked down upon: I was treated with civility and decency. Veterans Aid staff understood that everyone has hard times and that people don’t have the support that others do.”

A former soldier, who served five year with The Rifles, faced deportation after waiting eight years for his UK residency status to be resolved. With Veterans Aid on the case this was done in three weeks. After being granted his Leave to Remain he said, “I’m delighted it’s finally over. The news has definitely made my day! The support I received was tremendous. Huge thank you to the VA team!”

After being medically discharged from the Army, he became a hopeless alcoholic and was living rough. “I dread to think what would have happened if Veterans Aid hadn’t been there for me. I could be dead, or still drinking and sleeping rough. One thing is certain – I wouldn’t be here today.”

An ex-soldier, who served for 18 years. Two years after leaving the Forces, he came to Veterans Aid for help with employment. He said: “Veterans Aid is a life saver and should be really proud of what is doing. I am so very grateful.”

Four days after being pulled out of the river the former soldier contacted Veterans Aid where, within hours, he was given new clothes, hot food and accommodation. “I have got my manhood back, my dignity has come back, my self-respect has come back, my faith in humanity has come back.”